Barrett Productions, LLC


Barrett Productions, LLC

Started as a Music Production company, Barrett Productions quickly morphed into creating innovative products used in Healthcare, Music, Education, and Sports. Utilizing expertise in electronics, wireless communication, and mobile app software development, Barrett Productions is focusing on creative products bringing all these aspects together

Dennis Waldman

As CEO, Dennis has led a team of experienced professionals to challenge themselves and create today's innovative products

Dennis is an MIT graduate with multiple degrees in Electrical Engineering and Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering.  His career started working on guidance systems for the Trident Nuclear Missile.  Eventually Dennis found his calling in Sales and Marketing for such prestigious companies like Hewlett Packard.  Before starting Barrett Productions, LLC, Dennis had been the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for eStar Communications, the first Windows based Call Center Software company.  Under his leadership, the start up company successfully installed their software system in Fortune 100 companies:  Estee Lauder, Cadbury Schwepps, Darden Restaurant, Target, Phillip Morris, Ocean Spray, and Liberty Mutual


Robert Solomon

Co-Founder.  Responsible for Music Production.  With over 35 years in the music production business, Bob has extensive experience with publishing, producing, and recording many top albums and artists. As President and owner of world renowned Woodland Studios, Bob has recorded over 200 Gold and Platinum albums from such artists as Jimmy Buffett, Bob Seger, Neil Young, Kansas, and Shania Twain. As General Manager for Debdave Music, Bob published 61 number one records by songwriters such as Harlen Howard, Eddie Rabbitt, Even Stevens, Spadey Brannen, Dan Tyler, and Wood Newton. In 1997 Bob was nominated for Man of The Year by The Pencil Foundation. Bob will probably be most remembered for killing the Aliens in Mars attack with his studios recording of Slim Whitman’s Indian Love Call.


Tom Calef

Technical Advisor for Electronic Hardware Development.  Currently CTO Activ Surgical - a producer of advanced computer vision for robotic surgery. Previously Director of Robotics for Medrobotics, a leading robotic surgical instrument.  Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Engineering, UMASS Dartmouth


James Pettingill

Industrial Designer: James has developed products from concept to production for many of the world’s top brands and design consultancies including but not limited to, Braun, Eaton, Eclipse Product Development, Hampton Direct, Honeywell, Jaden, Proteus, Steiner Optics, Swarovski just to highlight a few. 

Throughout his career, James has been an active member in both the Boston and Vermont design communities. He has served as Board member to Invent Vermont, and New Hampshire Technical Institue helping expand their Product Development curriculum. He's lectured on the power of design and innovation at the University of Vermont as well. James holds a BFA in Industrial Design from Massachusetts College of Art and Design.


Marc Davidson

Hardware and Embedded Systems Development.  Marc specializes in motion-control applications. He has been working in this field for the last 20 years designing and building camera-positioning and gyro-stabilizing equipment for independent film makers. Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Missouri University of Science and Technology.


Aria Bowden

iOS Software Development.  Aria is a Full Stack software engineer with experience in iOS and Mobile development as well.  Aria has worked for CVS Digital as a Full Stack engineer. Prior to that started working as a mobile engineer at, where she quickly moved onto working on the Angular WebApp as well as building their first containerized infrastructure. 


Derek Waldman

Recording Artist.  Educated at Full Sail University.  It is easy to make an audio track sound good when you play it through stereo speakers, but Derek has the capability to make audio tracks and instruments sound like you are in an auditorium.... even though they are being played through a tiny Piezo Speaker from a Smart Phone