Mobile Game Apps


With over 2 Million Downloads, Barrett Productions has created numerous mobile apps with incredible 3-D Graphics to challenge Users



Innovative products for Rehabilitation.  Barrett Productions has produced multiple products that are being used every day for people recovering from accidents or health problems.  These products are distributed Worldwide by Performance Health, the leader in the Rehabilitation Market



The SPORTSGRIP is the World's Best Finger Exerciser being used by Athletes in Every Sport to Increase Performance



Two Million NEW People each year start learning to play a Stringed Instrument.  90% will stop within a year.  WHY?  The number one reason is Lack of Finger Strength and PAIN due to lack of Calluses.  Barrett Productions addresses these issues with innovative products



What could be better than a Mobile Game App that teaches  Math.... without your child knowing it.  Used by over 200,000 students in over 200 School Districts, Counting Together.   teaches Subitizing, the ability to recognizing a group of objects.... Without Counting.  This skill can be learned and studies show children that develop this skill would be good at Math throughout their life