Music Products and Re-Records

Perfect Re-Records from The original Artists


Barrett Productions has worked with original Artists to create prefect Re-Records of many well recognized songs.  These include from Mark Farner: (1) Some Kind of Wonderful; (2) I'm Your Captain; (3) Bad Time; (4) Heartbreaker.  From Orleans: (1) Still the One; (2) Dance With Me; (3) Love Take Time.  From Pat Upton: (1) I Love You More Today Than Yesterday.  From David Robinson: (1) Dancing in the Moonlight

Fender Grip Finger Exerciser


Barrett Productions manufactures the Best and most Ergonomic Finger Exerciser on the market.  Not only does it help build strength for every musician, but use of a Finger Exerciser for 15 minutes before practicing or playing a gig, will make your finger fly

Perfect Pinch Callus Builder


The Perfect Pinch is the first and only product on the market to help build calluses.  With the patented raised edges to simulate guitar strings, the user will strengthen their fingers and build calluses quicker