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Player Piano Plus

With almost 2 Million downloads, Player Piano Plus is one of the most popular Piano Apps in the Apple App Store.  The User can play learn piano by playing to sheet music and the proper keys being highlighted.  Each song has a full orchestra of instruments as well as vocals by reknowned performers.  Over 50 children, Christmas, and Classical songs

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GoGo Xylo

New York Times Review:  "A Must have for Young Children." 

 GoGo Xylo offers everything Player Piano Plus has, but with a colorful 3-D Xylophone.  The sound of the Xylophone is steps above any other Xylophone App.  An added array of fun instruments makes GoGo Xylo a MUST HAVE

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Tappy Horse

The only 4 User Tapping Game on Apple mobile devices.  With 3-D graphics, Tappy Horse offers an incredible fast action game to play with your friends